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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Katheryn Mayorga drops rape lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo

Katheryn Mayorga & Cristiano Ronaldo

As confirmed by Bloomberg, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the subject of a rape allegation in Las Vegas.

The allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo had been made by Katheryn Mayorga.

The allegations related to an incident back in 2009.

Katheryn Mayorga has now ended her lawsuit, meaning the Juventus attacker can now draw a line under this chapter.

Did Katheryn Mayorga settle with Cristiano Ronaldo?

That issue is raised by Bloomberg as readers are told that the “court filing doesn’t say if Ronaldo settled with accuser”.

Bloomberg further revealed:

A notice of voluntary dismissal was filed last month in Nevada state court in Las Vegas. The filing didn’t say whether the accuser had reached a settlement with the Portuguese soccer player.

On the topic of settlements, back in 2017, Der Spiegel reported that Ronaldo paid “hush money” to make the rape allegation go away, claiming he paid 258,000 euros to have the matter settled out of court.

Of course, Ronaldo has always denied the rape accusations.

It’s also worth noting that Bloomberg reached out to Katheryn Mayorga and Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers in an effort to find out more about why the lawsuit has been withdrawn. Bloomberg reported:

Leslie Stovall, a lawyer for Mayorga, and Peter Christiansen, a lawyer for Ronaldo, didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment on the dismissal.

Also see: Neymar denies Paris hotel rape accusation.

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