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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Katheryn Mayorga’s lawyer confirms rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo is still active

Katheryn Mayorga & Cristiano Ronaldo

The day after Bloomberg reported that Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the subject of a rape allegation in Las Vegas, TMZ have announced that that’s simply not true.

The allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo have been made by woman called Katheryn Mayorga.

Mayorga claims she was a victim of rape by Ronaldo back in 2009.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported the following:

A notice of voluntary dismissal was filed last month in Nevada state court in Las Vegas. The filing didn’t say whether the accuser had reached a settlement with the Portuguese soccer player.

However, TMZ have now confirmed that while Mayorga has dropped her case against Ronaldo in civil court, that’s only because she’s moving her attention to federal court instead.

Civil court vs federal court

TMZ have spoken to Larissa Drohobyczer, Mayorga’s lawyer, about their rape lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo. TMZ report:

Mayorga’s attorney, Larissa Drohobyczer, says Kathryn is NOT backing down — they’re simply moving the lawsuit from state court to federal court, where it’s easier to sue someone who lives abroad. 

“We basically just switched venues but the claims and lawsuit still remains,” Drohobyczer tells TMZ Sports.

So what’s the benefit of changing from civil court to federal court?

Mayorga’s legal team are hoping that the laws of the federal court will make it easier to serve papers to Ronaldo.

To be clear, Mayorga’s lawyers have so far been unsuccessful in serving court summons to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has consistently denied the allegations.

It’s incredibly difficult to serve papers to Cristiano Ronaldo

Der Speigel have published a fresh article this week revealing why it’s been so difficult for Mayorga’s lawyers to serve papers against Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Juventus and Portugal star is accused of dodging Mayorga’s lawyers:

If Ronaldo doesn’t want to be reached, he can’t be reached. The villa where he lives in Turin is situated like a fortress on a hilltop.

However, Der Speigel also suggest that Ronaldo’s tactics may not protect him for much longer:

The cat-and-mouse game can’t be played forever. If the plaintiff can prove that they were unable to serve notice despite their best efforts, the court will broaden the spectrum for doing so.

That can ultimately lead to notice being served via email.

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