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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Vitaly Uncensored & Kinsey Wolanski: Tiny fine for Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League streaker stunt

Vitaly Uncensored & Kinsey Wolanski

One the big social media stories during the Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League final was the PR stunt pulled off by Kinsey Wolanski.

During the first half, Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the pitch wearing a revealing black swimsuit.

And who is Kinsey Wolanski?

She’s the girlfriend of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy: a serial sports trespasser who has interrupted events during the World Cup, NBA finals and World Series.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy recently had his YouTube channel closed down.

He’s reacted by launching his own website – Vitaly Uncensored.

The words ‘Vitaly Uncensored’ were printed on the front of Kinsey Wolanski’s bathing suit.

Tiny fine for Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League streaker stunt

After bursting onto the pitch, Kinsey Wolanski claimed she found herself in jail.

However, several hours later, she was released by police in Madrid.

Pitch invader Kinsey Wolanski released from jail

According to Spanish paper Marca, Kinsey Wolanski has now been punished for her stunt.

It’s been claimed Kinsey Wolanski has been fined 5,000 euros, as per the directions from UEFA.

Should Kinsey Wolanski stop another match in the future, she’d then be fined 8,000 euros.

Kinsey Wolanski has also been fined an additional 10,000 euros for illegally advertising ‘Vitaly Uncensored’ during the Champions League final.

That means, in total, Kinsey Wolanski’s fine was just 15,000 euros.

How much did Vitaly Uncensored & Kinsey Wolanski make?

Marca compare the fines to the potential revenue made by Vitaly Uncensored and Kinsey Wolanski.

The paper reveal the findings of the Apex Marketing Group, who believe the “advertising impact” of the PR stunt could have been worth 4 million dollars.

Kinsey Wolanski’s latest tweets

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